Minneapolis Murder Suspect Kills Himself as Police Close In

MINNESOTA — Demonstrators were gathering, protesting, vandalizing and looting in Minneapolis Wednesday night after a homicide suspect killed himself in broad daylight in what is speculated as a murder suicide.

As officers approached the unidentified suspect near 8th & Nicollet, he produced a gun, walked to the entrance of a business and fatally shot himself in the head. A terrified group of bystanders were directly next to him when he pulled the trigger.

Shortly after the unrest began, the Minneapolis police department released surveillance video of the event.

“This evening, a murder suspect committed suicide as police approached them,” the department said in a statement. “No officer weapons were fired. This is a tragedy for our community that is still hurting. Our condolences go to the families of the victims.”

Following the shooting, people began spreading rumors that police officers killed the man–and that he was unarmed. Police never fired a single round.

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