OnePlus Buds Are Not For Everyone

The OnePlus Buds are a great pair of earphones for OnePlus smartphone owners, but non-OnePlus users should look elsewhere for their true wireless fixes. OnePlus’ pricing on these buds can’t be beat at only $79.99, but the poor fit, limited functionality, and just okay sound quality make these far less competitive than other options in this price range. 

The true wireless experience begins with the charging case, and the OnePlus Buds make a great first impression. Its matte finish feels more premium than the pedestrian plastic lets on, while the rear design makes no attempt to distinguish itself from the Apple Airpods case. 

Our OnePlus Buds review units did not fail to maintain a consistent connection over the last 25-days I have use them as my primary earbuds. I have them paired with my iPhone XS and MacBook.

I was also very impressed with the battery life as I got more than 7 hours while listening in about medium but be conscious that battery is diminished much faster if they are being used on calls. When the earbuds’ batteries are depleted, you can instantly top back up thanks to the company’s fast charging technology. All you have to do is leave the buds in the case for 10 minutes to be rewarded with 100 minutes of listening. You may also fast-charge the case: 10 minutes of charging via USB-C cable yields 10 hours of battery life.

The biggest issue with the OnePlus buds was the fit, after using the Airpods on a daily basis for the last two years I had not considered how good the fit was until I changed to the OnePlus Buds. The OnePlus Buds are bit too big for my ear and I find that they are constantly moving up and become loose. I have to readjust to them and constantly worry that they will fall off, for this reason I will be moving back to the AirPods. While that’s the case for me everyones ear canal is different, if the AirPods are too small for your ear the OnePlus Buds will be perfect for you. Ultimately these are a great option for the price but make sure to try them before ordering them.