Joe Rogan teases new Texas podcast studio in Lake Travis Minutes away from Austin

Multiple sources confirm that Joe Rogan has purchased an Austin, Texas home overlooking Lake Travis, after working with a prominent local realtor for several weeks and touring multiple high-end homes under a non-disclosure agreement.

The home is said to be the future office and broadcast headquarters for The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which Spotify recently licensed, reportedly for more than $100-million. The Joe Rogan Experience will begin streaming exclusively on Spotify beginning September 1st be sure to subscribe.

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Texas JRE studio set up has begun!

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An Instagram post this weekend from Rogan gives a glimpse inside his new “Texas JRE studio!” as it’s being built. 

Rogan has talked about Austin as his potential new home but has not publicly confirmed his new hometown. 

Locals say Rogan is said to be still shopping for a home nearby for himself and his family. 

The Joe Rogan Experience episodes are typically ranked among the most listened to on Apple’s podcast app. JRE landed the deal with Spotify earlier this year.

Rogan posted a glimpse inside his new studio on Instagram on Saturday.