TikTok’s Bryce Hall and Blake Gray face criminal charges for Hollywood Hills parties

Internet stars Bryce Hall and Blake Gray have been charged for throwing “mega-parties” amid the coronavirus pandemic. Hall, 21, and Gray, 19, share a rented home in the Hollywood Hills. The house parties, according to Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, are in direct violation of the city ban on large gatherings. 

Feuer described the parties as “havoc in the Hills” and said in a press release on Friday the criminal charges are part of a wider crackdown on party houses. Hall and Gray have documented their parties on TikTok, a platform where combined they have around 20 million followers. These parties were attended by hundreds of there friends mostly in their 20s. Statistics show that young adults recover from Covid-19 in most cases.

“With hundreds of people attending, loud music all night long and cars blocking access for emergency vehicles, party houses are really out of control nightclubs, and they’ve hijacked the quality of life of neighbors nearby. As if that weren’t enough, the hosts are incredibly irresponsible, with COVID-19 spreading and parties banned because of it. We’ve got to put a stop to it,” Feuer said on Friday. “If you have a combined 19-million followers on TikTok during this health crisis, you should be modeling good behavior — not brazenly violating the law and posting videos about it, as we allege.” In recent weeks Los Angeles Mayor also threaten residents with shutting of water and power to homes that violate the law. These actions and the continued closure of the majority of the city have created an exodus of residents, prominently Joe Rogan moved to Austin, Tx.

The city attorney’s complaints cite two parties Hall and Gray threw on Aug. 8 and Aug. 14. 

Officers responded to a call of shots fired on Aug. 14 and “discovered a party of several hundred people” at the home in the Hollywood Hills. When speaking with Gray, he acknowledged they received a citation one week earlier. (No evidence was found of a gun being fired.) The party was for Hall’s 21st birthday and was attended by tons of internet stars..